TV Row

TV Row 2.0.1

Simplify watching Front Row on your TV


  • Easy to setup and use
  • Makes watching Front Row much better


  • Not essential if you know how to connect an external screen


Have you ever dreamed of using Front Row on your LCD, widescreen or Plasma TV? Well of course, you can anyway with a DVI out cable but this involves re-arranging your display preferences.
TV Row lets you use Front Row on your TV or Plasma screen, with just a simple click of the button.

TV Row is lightweight and only changes the preferences of Front Row making it much easier to link up to an external screen. TV Row allows you to select from 4 different displays connected to your Mac and allows you to watch images in SD or HD if your screen supports it.

TV Row is a very simple application that makes watching Front Row on an external screen a more straightforward affair.

TV Row


TV Row 2.0.1

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